By Request – Party Time (2 songs, 1 party)


Big thanks for the two captured cell phone videos I received…  Two songs, from two different phones, from two different angles, from two parts of the same night.

For those of you who like seeing/watching these things here are two videos, just uploaded, and currently “unlisted” on YouTube. The links are posted below, and videos embedded. Apologies for the incomplete beginning of one of the songs, and the fact I wasn’t able to do all the songs that were requested. Thank you for the video. Thank you to everyone that played and sang along. And a huge thank you to all of you who enjoy following my going ons.


“By request. Bringing the fun. Can’t see all the people behind the camera. It was a great night.”

Charlie Harrison on the piano… 3rd time we’ve made music together. Though each time we’ve done different songs, all with no rehearsal.

– Quiche Out

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