Duet (New Song/Video)

Several weeks ago my lovely friend Deirdre asked if I’d want to come over…

You know… Break some bread…. Open a bottle of wine… Crack open a few song books…

We had such a blast, that we repeated it all again, and again, and again.

And happily we’re still defining, discovering, looking, testing, playing, rehearsing, finding, blending, singing, harmonizing…

To date we’ve tried on several handfuls of songs together, and have sung a few of them at various open mics to gain that experience as well.

While we haven’t decided on the name of our collaboration, we are talking more and more about putting together a full show, or sets to play out, where public audiences will be invited to come and enjoy.

Honestly, the process of working with another person (while singing) has been a fascinating learning experience, opening me up to new techniques, new styles, new genres, new sounds, new dynamics, new material…

Below is a recorded cell phone video from last night. Please keep in mind that this is the VERY first time we did this song in public, and first time on microphones, without sound check, and without anyone blending the sound of the two very different mics… However, with all those disclaimers, Deirdre and I both feel comfortable enough to share it with some people.

So, here I am, sharing it with you…
(And a big thank you to Feona for recording it! Roger Aldi for playing drums. Greg Glienna for hosting the open night of music, along with MC Pinky. And the Lyric Hyperion Theater for having a weekly open mic!)

Falling Slowly is from the musical & film Once… written, composed by Glen Hansard.
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kDVg9lmzvI&feature=youtu.be

– Quiche Out

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