FREE – Signed Postcard Offer

Postcard WMD

I have a few physical postcards left, and I’ve decided that I’ll send ten people one, with a written THANK YOU on the back, if they have both a US mailing address to send it to, AND choose to do ALL of the following…

  1. Watch the movie WMD (rent or buy). A previous blog post discusses some of the ways to currently watch the movie. Please chose not to trust pirated streams/downloads. Link to blog:
  2. Take a short time to post your review of it, online (on IMDB, Amazon, or whatever site YOU bought or rented it from).
  3. Then alert me to where you posted the review and private message your physical address (within the US only).

If you’ve already watched it, and already posted a review on a public site, let me know your physical address within the US, IF YOU WANT ONE, and I’ll send you a postcard with my thanks written on it. I have a few postcards set aside for you each already.

This is a very limited offer, as supply is very limited, and while I can promise my best, I cannot guarantee postcards will be delivered, not damaged, not water-stained or un-bent, by the Post Office in delivery.

– Quiche Out

Postcard WMD back


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