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Big thank you to Sandra who posted the latest review on IMDB of WMD… Thank you everyone else who also took/takes the time to review as well. The IMDB page for the movie can be seen here:

And a thank you to Korey who posted a MEME on my FB, and his thoughts about the film.


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If you’re considering BUYING the DVD, there are several sites that offer it, some as low as $14, much less than I paid for a copy directly thru Indican Pictures (Barnes and Noble has it for $16).

Cheaper yet, there are many sites which will STREAM the movie for you for as low as $2.99 (Like Amazon). There’s a link to the AMAZON rental on the IMDB page for the film, also on iTunes. Make sure the movie called WMD that you orders stars Tom Kiesche and John Posey… (May be listed as 2013 or 2015.)

A handful of friends have written, expressing their thoughts about the movie I was one of the two main leads in, WMD. They were VERY POSITIVE notes, with the “harshest” part of one being, how it didn’t align with their political views, but they still appreciated the acting and the opposite POV/argument… (which I, in turn, can appreciate). There’s a link on the IMDB page to rent thru AMAZON ($2.99), and a link to the trailer. There are also a few quotes from the movie posted (warning: profanity)

Apparently the film has also been pirated, and is making it’s way though the underground, but I hope you will chose other options for viewing the film.

– Quiche F-bomb Out

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