Sin City

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to the Vegas Strip and observe a technical rehearsal for a brand-new show, “Duck Commander Musical.” It was far more than just informative. Talking with the stage management team, all four writers, and nearly the entire cast. While I cannot disclose many more details, it was, illuminating, motivating, and quite interesting. Many people have been encouraging me to start auditioning for big Broadway style shows, or doing my own shows… So, to see something of this scope, putting pieces together, with quality professionals… It was pretty inspiring.

While in Sin City, I also did what everyone else does when there… A little walking and hiking with a friend.
For your viewing pleasure, you can see some of those pictures posted below.

– Quiche Out

Hidden Easter Egg
That’s my friend in the background

IMG_5838-alt-small IMG_5851-alt-small  IMG_5887-alt-small IMG_5899-alt-small

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