Red Wine Research – Slow Going

A few weeks ago I asked for suggestions about FAVORITE full-bodied, big, red wines (under $20 and bonus points for under $10) from people in my social circles, and I got a plethora of great answers.

Now, while I have yet to locate, purchase, secure, open, or try all of the wines everyone suggested, I have to say, my independent research has been coming along nicely.

Unfortunately, I’m learning as I go, so at some point I’ll have to go back and retry many of the wines again, as I develop my wine tasting abilities, but I can think of many worst ways to spend time and dimes. Actually, full disclosure: A few bottles I’ve had a few times already.

Even without repeats, the work is slow going, with a bottle being uncorked every so many days… But in a short time I’ve already learned the importance of letting some wines breathe, as a few have tasted much better on day two, and so now I own a wine aerator.

I’ve learned the importance of removing air from the bottle when not in use, to stretch the flavor of the wine from day two, to day three or four, and so now I own a simple vacuum pump wine preserving system.

Anyway, I’m learning, I’m learning…
Having fun.
Sharing bottles.

I’m even about to start attempting to rate wines on a slightly more sophisticated scale than I have been using, up till now.

For the first three weeks or so my rating system has literally been… Listing the name of the wine. Sometimes the grape. Sometimes the cost. And listing one of the following words…

“No.” “Meh.” or “Yes.”
“+Yes” (for wines that open delicious.)
“Yes+” (for wines that were better on the 2nd day.)

Mind blowing huh?

Anyway, today I drew up a more involved chart, as hopefully at some point I’ll truly be able to differentiate more than just a “Meh” or “+Yes” – for no other reason but for the fun of it, and to continue to define what I enjoy. At some point, if I ever really do start appreciating quality wine more and more, I’ll occasionally raise my price range per bottle… But for now, unless someone else is buying… I’ll make my “mistakes” with the lower cost wines.



– Quiche Out

BTW what’s missing from my chart?
Or do you like it?

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.49.14 PM

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