Feeling a tad under the weather this week, I found myself at home reading, researching, and watching a few more movies than usual…

Films that had been recommended to me in the past…

While Guardians Of The Galaxy was a super fun, slightly dizzying romp, (a more buffoonish, more action/effects driven, and 70s music laden Star Wars), the movies The Impossible and Chasing Ice both literally knocked me silent in so many ways, having me question so many things in my world and life. I recommend them all.

So many things happen in our world each day… Some so trivial… Some so horrific or catastrophic… Some so senseless… And yet some so amazing…

I often don’t know what to do or say, and at times I question whether or not I’ve yet found my calling.

– Quiche Out


P.S. My heart goes out to all affected by the Charlie Hebdo attack, and the massacre in Nigeria.


  1. I have seen guardian of the galaxy. I liked it…but I love all things Sci Fi. I also like seeing movies about nature, dinosaurs, and bugs with my grandbabies. The world is a crazy place, sometimes I worry. I believe most of the world’s population are good people…but there is evil amongst us and this makes me sad. I have rekindled a hobby of making Star Trek quilts, this makes me happy and relieves stress. I make them and then give them away to friends and family.


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