Found Mime


While scanning photos over Christmas break at my parents’, I found a few shots I had never seen before, and some that brought back memories I had long forgotten. Perhaps I’ll post more pictures with stories in the future. However, the above, blurry, half-blocked shot is of a dude, who was doing an unanticipated mime show, in a public space I saw as a young teen.

I have no idea why I or someone in my family snapped this picture, but this is probably the earliest memory that I have of considering becoming some sort of professional performer (I know funny, right?). The idea was soon forgotten afterward, as I didn’t run away to Clown College or pack up an invisible suitcase and pretend to go to mime school… However, at that time, watching this guy influence a large group of people, seemed somehow semi-magical to me.

The found picture just reinforces, you never know who is watching… You never know who is seeing something for a first time, as perhaps they watch you give a speech, on stage, in a movie, teaching a class… People can inspire others at every level and every venue, in every profession… And you can never predict how even the smallest of things you do may influence or affect someone else’s life.

Just sharing.

Keep inspiring.

– Quiche Out

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