Interesting how life works…

One Grandfather owned a gas station and such (don’t remember ever meeting him)… He married my Grandmother, a witty woman, the 3rd woman in the state of NJ to have a driver’s license, who waited to get married, playing by her own rules…

On the other side, my Grandmother (when she was young) was an amateur actor, singer & director, and my Grandfather (who died in his 30s) was an engineer who dabbled in photography, built his own TV (1st in his neighborhood), and he and my grandmother were in several of the same community theatrical productions…

Interesting how life works.

Me, I’m an actor (blue collar types), director (of my own work), writer, singer, photographer, who loves figuring out how things work…

– Quiche Out

Angelica Kiesche 02
Grandmother was the 3rd woman in NJ to have a driver’s license…
Grandma Dye Playbill
Signed program… 1931
Aunt, Mother, Uncle… Christmas Picture taken by their father, my grandfather…
Grandfather’s station…

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