Greatest & Happiest To You


As the year comes to a close and we all are busy catching up with friends, attending parties, eating, shopping, flying, driving, drinking, communicating, texting…

Please, please be safe.

Drive sober.

Read texts and messages when your car is not in motion.

Travel safe.

Stay healthy.




And before your calendar flips to 2015, consider using the last few days of 2014 to put yourself in better positions to win next year with whatever goals you’re making for yourself.

Have the greatest & happiest of holidays!

Thank you!

– Quiche Out


  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family, and I know they must be so thrilled to see you. We will all be here when you come back, so become a New Jersey Boy in the best way while you’re gone, and don’t sweat over all that Hollywood crap that becomes normal for us after a while. Lots of love and I hope the New Year brings you all you so richly deserve.


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