GIVE UP? I gave up on giving up years ago.


The other day I posted “GIVE UP? I gave up on giving up years ago” on my twitter feed…

In short, the reason I posted it was as a response to a response… After I mentioned something on social media about singing, a FB pal wrote and asked if I was going to give up acting.

Tonight I may have opened a door in my singing career. The future will tell. But I am flying on a cloud.

You giving up acting

GIVE UP? I gave up on giving up years ago.


Honestly, at this point, I don’t believe in “giving up” any more. I do however believe in out-growing. I believe in moving on. I believe in changes of focus. I believe that people find other things to be passionate about. I believe in living to fight another day. Trying other paths. I believe in determining what fits better, swimming with the current once in a while, and resting…  But “giving up,” I truly “gave up” on years ago, after having given up too many things I truly enjoyed. In each instance it was for the wrong reason, and if you don’t know the difference between “giving up” and those things I listed… It’s one word, “REGRET.”

Never “give up.” Never ever “give up.”

– Quiche Out


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