CM PUNK & Parallel People Don’t Seem To See

I’ve admitted to one of my dirty little secrets in the past… MMA. I watch it from time to time, I know many of the fighters names, I know many of their strengths and weaknesses, and I occasionally even watch analysis & interviews.

Anyway, recently one of the largest fight promotions in the World, if not the largest, The UFC, signed a “professional wrestler” to a multi-fight contract. From what I’ve heard, he has little to no fight experience, unless you’re one that believes that TV “pro-wrestling” is indeed fighting. For the record: It is “real.” They are coordinated athletes, or engaging personalities, and they do take physical punishment from acrobatic movements that most of us wouldn’t be capable of pulling off. The are “real,” just as silicone implanted breasts are “real.” However, unlike nice silicone implanted breasts, I’m not drawn to watching “pro-wrestling,” because I find it as ridiculous as “reality TV.”

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Now to CM Punk… I had no idea who he was, and really still don’t, but the pro-fighters in the UFC seem to have had a mix of reactions to his signing. Some see it as good for their company, bringing new eyeballs to the screens, and others see it as a cheapening of their profession. How can someone with no experience come into their league and get paid far more than many people that have been fighting professionally for years.

The parallel…

Let me run some names by you: Randy Couture. Ronda Rousey. Cung Le. Gina Carano. Chuck Liddell. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson… Since the beginning of modern media there have been professional actors, and there have been athletes or personalities dropping into films & television shows filling roles that could have gone to trained actors, at much higher salaries than non-celebrity talent would ever acquire.

For years this bugged me, but now, I’m way past complaining about it: It’s how it is. If someone can get butts in the seats or TVs turned on… Producers will pay anyone, what they need to pay, regardless of talent. Professional actors are often required to fill in around those people, and help make the untrained look good. While many of these personalities or athletes will make more on one project than most actors will make in a career… That’s how it is. And if someone comes into The UFC that brings more dollars into MMA… Seems like a lot of other fighters may benefit from that too.

As far as other athletic competitions not “Stunt Casting” players to keep the purity of the sport… MMA is not a team sport. Having a sub-par player on a team would hurt the chances of an entire team winning, and typically, winning games is what makes teams money and brings people to games and gets TVs turned on. It’s about money. It’s all about money.

Here’s my advice to angry young actors and now apparently fighters. Anyone angry that someone else is making more, or receiving more praise & better opportunities… Accept it. Learn from it. Achieve it. And if you can’t deal with it… You and everyone around you might be happier if you found something else to do, and that’s just my experience and opinion.

– Quiche Out

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