Almost Slipped By (WTG EST!)


I found out “my” THE MENTALIST aired last night, when 4 people on the East Coast wrote me… “Hey, you’re on my TV!”  Sorry this one sneaked up on ALL of us. Not sure why that happened. Could be that when we filmed it, it was listed as episode 03, but last night, it aired as episode 02 (of season 7). Either way I’m happy that I was able to alert some, and that it aired on a NON-Walking Dead night.

The episode is titled: The Greybar Hotel

Click to watch

There are probably a whole bunch of ways to see it… But here is what I imagine is a LEGAL LINK on

And a reminder for those that are interested:

The Cabarabia Interview will be webcast today.
Monday at 2PM (PST)

It will be posted here:
(Yes, you can watch it any time at that same site after it premieres.)

This is the original blog I wrote last week about the interview (if you’re interested):

And here’s the original blog post I wrote about filming THE MENTALIST:


And the heads up, my EST network!

– Quiche Out


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