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Back in March (2014) I was honored to be one of the guests in Betty Bonaduce’s show, “It’s About Time.” It’s taken a little while to get tape back from the evening, but yesterday it arrived, and today I put it on YouTube for you.

Possibly I’ll upload another song later, but there were a few unflattering camera moves in my 2nd song.  Honestly, I haven’t looked at my 3rd song yet and I probably won’t be individually posting any of the group numbers. I’ll leave that for someone else to do.

Betty and her director (Gilmore Rizzo) chose the songs we all sang. She turned 90 earlier this year, and this was her very first cabaret show. It was completely sold out.

You can read about the evening in a previous post of mine: Tape, Maybe. Review, Doubtful. Experience, Plenty. (Betty Bonaduce’s Show).

– Quiche Out

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