Happy Changes


Today at the gym, as I moved less weight than other more-fit people around me, my ego took yet another sharp shot to the metaphorical groin. But instead of retreating to exercises that I can excel at, or at least hold my own, I continued on my path towards what I’m aiming for, knowing that sometimes we have to take two steps back to move three steps forward. That’s right, the Bunny Hop isn’t just a song y’all, it’s a constant life lesson.

As of late I’ve made many teeny-tiny changes in my world… Some examples: My workouts, my gym, my dry cleaner, some bad food habits, the floors beneath my feet, a new acting class, a new podiatrist, what I was reading, listening to, watching, how I was spending time…

The reason: Well, over the past few months I have truly examined where I was… Who I was… How I was… All the things that were going into the definition of whom I had become at that moment in time. What was working in my pursuit of happiness? What wasn’t working…?

Basically everything fell in one of three categories…

1. Working well, or working but could use some improving/tweaking.
2. Hindering, hurting me (and/or others), depressing/bugging/nagging me, costing…
3. Or just habits that weren’t working or hindering, but I would benefit by adding variances to them.

Along with many small external changes, I’ve changed a few other things as well… My personal daily work regime, how I approach singing, and as silly as it sounds, probably things like even the number of times I smile a day…

One of the smarter small investments I made was to pay a personal trainer to walk around with me at the gym. I told him his job wasn’t to motivate me or teach me, but to give me an outside eye with a realistic assessment of my complete physical balance. The 90 minutes helped me realistically determine where I had gotten to, and once knowing where I was, I was better able to plan what I had to do to get me to where I wanted to go.

A funny thing was that some things in my life, which I had been considering changing, like my vehicle, didn’t seem nearly as important upon internal reflection… Where a new car may make me feel all great and shiny for a few weeks, it soon would be just another metal box on four wheels like the one I would have just sold. The more important changes to be made there were easily determined to be inside of me… Once I determined where the feelings of wanting a new truck/car were coming from… And what inside me was being fed by the idea of buying new transportation was… I could take those things on directly.

Is there something you’d like to change?

What is brilliant is, that if you start really small you’ll give yourself enough confidence to then make another small change, and another… And soon you’ll be tackling bigger and bigger ones without even realizing it.

Make changes that serve us best.

Especially when they are all within our grasp.


– Quiche Out




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