Frightened – Audio – Truth

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Last summer I did a story telling night with a very talented group of professional producers/writers, a series called, SPARK OFF ROSE… And I have just been made aware that the audio to the program is online…

The challenge was to tell a TRUE story about a promise or promises, and although I submitted several different stories, the very talented and supportive, Janet Blake (Spark Off Rose producer/writer) surprised me when she chose my, “Africa Story” from all the others I pitched.

With her notes, and several rewrites, most jokes were taken out, and the story was reshaped, and reshaped, in order to be told in the most straight-forward, simple and honest manner.

All story tellers were instructed not to memorize our words, but to just simply read them, word for word in front of the 100 plus audience members.

That wasn’t nearly as frightening as posting this…

Anyone interested in Spark Off Rose should contact them directly.

I’m stalling….

Okay, here is the link to the SoundCloud file…


– Quiche Out



Those that have been following or reading me for some time may remember other postings about it, last summer… So, for the curious… Here is the article I wrote, post show, last summer, that summed up the experience.  LINK:

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