’O Sole D’oh D’oh!

Nobody sings
compliment from a woman and her daughter who were there last night…

Last night at a piano bar I sang a particular song better than I have ever sung it… I sang it with more depth, more pain, and I ended on a note far higher than I have ever attempted to sing in public… The note was so high that my friend, the pianist, told me later, he turned from the music to watch with his jaw literally dropped… Now, while this may sound like a braggart’s story, here’s what everyone at the venue didn’t know…

I was feeling frustrated by a few things, with several things hitting chords inside of me, stirring up my emotional pot. But, as many of you know, that’s not really that out of the ordinary for me… However, just before I went up to sing, as a few people had requested, and the pianist called me… Two others leaped towards the piano, gung-ho to sing, with a chart in hand. So, the pianist politely obliged the pair and bumped me one song later.

As I sat back down at the bar, the tip of my left middle finger found a gap between the loose wooden-frame of the high-backed stool and the wood-framed seat cushion… When I eased my behemoth body down, I started to crush/pinch my finger…

Instantly, I sprang up (in complete silence mind you), but my fingertip was still stuck between the cushion, the chair, and my now unbalanced weight… When my arm ran out of bend at the elbow, my momentum was oddly yanked back down towards and onto the chair, this time with my full-weight, slamming my fingernail between the two wooden objects. Though I wanted to scream, I remained silent throughout, not letting on to anyone around me anything had happened… Or pulling attention from pair at the piano and their operatic duet… Silently realizing all the while how funny it would have been to anyone watching, but no one in the place had a clue.

By the time I went up to sing, the color had changed under my nail, and I had no idea that the sound that I had held in, was ready to come out.

– Quiche Out

And for the record, the song was “I (who have nothing),” and yes, it is uncomfortable to type this… But, like all artists, I hope to bring you pleasure from my pain.


  1. Ouch! Sort of reminds me of when I got my finger caught in the garage door many years ago in Maywood NJ. I thought my finger would never stop throbbing. That is a heck of a way to reach a high note. Wish we were there to hear you sing that song.


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