About The Show Last Night

Quote Tom Waits & Pavarotti

Really fun show last night, Upstairs at Vitello’s in Studio City… Thanks for all that came out.

“You’re like a mix between Tom Waits & Pavarotti,” was one of the compliments I received that I’m still flattered and yet confused by…

Last night, at Upstairs at Vitello’s, I performed a version of Pink’s “F**in’ Perfect.”

BTW, just yesterday I added a new bit that went over well in the middle of the song, which isn’t in the previously recorded version on YouTube… And while it hurt a little, and made finishing the song challenging, I think I’ll keep if I ever do the song LIVE again, once again leaving out the “FU High School” at the end.

VitellosI’m still smiling about so many of the performances…

Congratulations to my awesome, talented, funny fellow cast members: Will Collyer, Mandy Kaplan, Gregg Marx, Alex Mohajer, Lisa Marie Morabito, Emily Morris, Eric Petersen, Skip & Terri (aka Artie O’Daly & Theresa Ryan), Mandy Fabian… With genius pianist, Ron Snyder.

Much thanks and kudos to BRILLIANT hosts of Up With A Twist, and performers, Todd Sherry & Heather Olt!

(Visit Vitello’s calendar to find out when Up With A Twist will be back next month, with a brand new cast. And who knows, perhaps I’ll be asked back in the future.)


I must mention one completely unexpected moment, a hilarious exchange between Jo Anne Worley and one of the cast members… It could not have been scripted any better than it played out, nor ever really explained to someone who wasn’t there.

After the show, on my way home, I dropped into an open mic in my hood, which a friend of mine has started at Rockwell Table & Stage… There I met some talented people, and sang my second song of the night, supported by super talented pianist Brian P. Kennedy.


– Quiche Out


BTW, to my knowledge there was no video or pictures taken last night, and the confusing, flattering, “Tom Waits & Pavarotti” compliment that I received, joins some of my recent favorites…

“When you sing you make women have to change their undergarments,” – told by a gorgeous woman after singing at a joint in Mexico…

“When someone like you, who just did the best scene of the night,  has doubts about your talent, it makes the rest of us think, ‘what the hell are we doing’…” – told by a very talented, fellow student in an acting class.

“I haven’t heard, or been excited by, a voice like yours since I saw Paul Robeson Off Broadway as a boy…” – told by a man in his 80s, after singing in Palm Springs… You can read more about that particular night HERE, and watch a video, if you’re interested.


Quote- change undergarments




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