Life… Work… Weekend…

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.49.08 PMSo, some of you already know that last week I booked several days on a new TV movie, called ROMANTICALLY SPEAKING being filmed by the same production that did the western I did years ago, and that do the majority of Hallmark movies… (1st announced in last newsletter) The film is being Directed by: Ron Oliver. Produced by: Lincoln Lageson. Starring: Heather Morris & Jonathan Bennett.

While I am thankful for the work, it was bittersweet as I had to cancel my trip back Eastward, where I’d meet my newest nieces, and see my extended family. But, when you’re 100% commission sales you take the work when you get it… There’s really no such thing as vacation time being an actor…You take vacation or you don’t, missing opportunities either way.

The role is throughout the movie, Kenny The Driver, and while it’s by no means a large part, he is in a few scenes, and does have a few nice exchanges, including one of the film’s last lines.

Thankfully, when a good friend heard I suddenly had nothing planned for the weekend of the 4th, he invited me to drive back down to Mexico with him… It was my 3rd or 4th time visiting San Felipe, the place we shot the On The Road Again/Moving Right Along Closet Singer song.

Baja, California is incredibly hot this time of year, but it was good to get out of Los Angeles and meet some new people, and see others I hadn’t seen in a while… We partied with friends, sang in a bar, had some great food… I even discovered a new friend that volunteered at a dog shelter, and I spend a few hours with her loving up some beautiful pooches.

Find out more about V.I.V.A. San Felipe , and like their page:

One sad bit of news hit me while finishing a salted margarita… Seconds after I sent a friend a Facebook message telling her that I was down, visiting, I was informed by other friends sitting next to me that she had died a year earlier. At first I thought it was some ill-mannered joke they were pulling on me… After-all how did they know my friend… But indeed, my friend had passed, from something called, Tick Fever… And somehow I missed the news, or didn’t understand the news, as the majority of posts on her page were written in Spanish… She was sweet, friendly, a mother and new grandmother, and the very first person I met in Mexico outside of my friend’s friends, and each time I had come down, I always made an effort to swing by where-ever she was working, and briefly catch up… She even appears briefly in the previously mentioned video (at 2:22).

Life is uncertain, fragile and filled with unexpected joys and low points… I suppose our only responsibility (outside of one’s own religious beliefs) is to live & experience.

Below are a few pictures for you to enjoy… Feel free to click.

– Quiche Out


2 thoughts on “Life… Work… Weekend…

  1. Can’t wait to see the movie. I’m so sorry about your friend. Life is indeed unpredictable, but that’s why you must make the most of it……which I know you are doing.


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