“Affordable Artist Housing”

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.01.37 AMI always thought it’d be cool to live in an affordable community with other artists, sharing large work spaces like theaters, rehearsal rooms, sound booths and studios.

A while ago I was actually sent a survey, through the mail, which asked a series of questions regarding something very similar to this.

Well, this morning, I was hopeful that I had possibly found something like affordable artist housing, and I started watching THIS VIDEO

However, it seems, according to what I saw/heard on THIS VIDEO, I don’t qualify… As it turns out this isn’t really affordable artist housing, it’s affordable housing (for everyone), and they’re just letting artists know.

Maybe you, or someone you know will benefit from this, or maybe you know something else, or places I should look into… Applications are due VERY SOON!

– Quiche Out


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