Wanna Play Along? (c’mon you do)

Interesting meetings coming up… Interesting questions being asked… As always I’ll tell you more when I’m able to tell you more… But for now, if you want to play along… I’m going to ask a series of questions… And I’d love your answers and thoughts… Longer answers can be put in the comment section below.

– Quiche Out

(CHOOSE as many from each as you feel apply)

6 thoughts on “Wanna Play Along? (c’mon you do)

  1. But a younger JT Walsh or Jaws Robert Shaw. Maybe you’re the same age as they were/are, but you have a youthfulness.

    Best, Karen

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  2. From a classic movie pov… Jack Carson, Dennis Morgan (with Ginger Rogers in Kitty Foyle for example) and I guess that equates most with Patrick Warburton. Tall, handsome, charming, funny, good natured, earmest, honest. Maybe with a bit of John Wayne thrown in. In Casablanca, you’d be Rick not Laszlo 🙂
    Truth is I think your capable of it all. I think your mind and your determination are strong enough to accomplish any goal you focus on. I think you’re an observer. You absorb information for your art everywhere you go. So you have a data bank of experiences you can pull from. Some archetypes maybe a bit more awkward for you but only because I think there are aspects of your soul that aren’t given full freedom of expression.
    When I first “found” you online on YouTube, http://youtu.be/39HNL3r9TiU, I had no idea you were an actor. This is still my favourite ‘performance’ of yours 🙂 Once I figured out you were kinda famous (OMFG It’s Clovis!!!!) I have to say I really enjoyed Alien Raiders, your character in School & Board – ‘Tut! Go Tut!’ and most of the Closet Singers – the singing is always 100% but there was just one video that made me cringe.
    ‘Focus on Happiness’ and just follow what makes your heart sing. Don’t limit any aspect of your ‘self’ or your creative expression. Don’t get caught up in the shallowness of what “type” you are or what you “should” want or do. Listen to your soul ❤


    Is there a place to see Desolation Canyon online? Or, at least, your scenes?


    1. Desolation Canyon plays on the Hallmark Chanel… Not sure if it’s anywhere else as of yet. I’ll do some research.

      Thanks for your thoughts and your feedback, always great to read your wisdom.


  3. i played along…. but here is a longer answer, recently you remind me of Nathan Fillian (Castle, TV series) by the way the character of Rick Castle is played. Sometimes a little childish, but funny and a nice guy, very reliable. You could be like that in real life as well.
    and yes focus on happiness. it contains everything else.


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