Mystical, Magical and Amazing…

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 6.55.15 PMWell, it always amazes me… I truly was NOT going to post this take of this song… And actually recorded the song several more times, from several different angles… But, for whatever reason, I uploaded this one… Wondering the entire time if anyone would actually dig it, or wondering if people would lambaste me for leaning on a men’s blue-denim shirt (my own, as it’s my closet).

Then today, oddly, completely by chance, I came across an article about that very video that I most recently recorded and posted.

You just never know.

Or rather, I just never know.

“When you watch him sing this stripped down, bare version of the track and you see the expression and emotion on his face it’s near impossible to not have an emotional response to what he’s giving.  You see on his face that he’s pulling from somewhere, there’s someone that he’s singing to and he means every word that comes out of his mouth.  Every nuance of his performance is purposeful but not forced.” – 

LINK to complete article:

I’m not sure I’ve written about this, but another time I was going to pull a video I had recorded and posted… Thinking, “Ah, no one ever comments on that one… Maybe it’s crappy… I rushed it… What was I thinking… Maybe I should delete it.” And I swear to you, that very afternoon, hours later, before I removed the video… A guy at my gym, who I didn’t know very well, came up to me… Saying something like, “I just want you to know, I saw a postcard for your web-series, ‘Closet Singer,’ and for whatever reason, I looked it up… I clicked on one song, and it was the perfect song that I needed to hear… ‘Cause I sat there, listening, and crying like a baby.”

When I asked him what song he watched… It was, the very same one I was going to remove that night… A song, I know I could “do better,” that I have “done better…” A song that to this day I want to remove and redo, every time I watch it… Man, as frustrating, heartbreaking and illogical art & expression are, I truly also continue to also find them mystical, magical and amazing…

– Quiche Out

PS. If you read this post Wes LuAllen… Thank you

2 thoughts on “Mystical, Magical and Amazing…

  1. They say don’t overthink things and that often your first instinct is the most correct. It appears that is the case with this particular track. It was the most real where any remakes would probably be more contrived in appearance. None of us likes how we look doing anything. But, we’re not the ones it’s being done for – it’s for others.


    1. It honestly wasn’t my first as often it takes a few “takes” to get the levels right, and figure out what’s in the frame and blah blah blah… Also with this one, I found that the auto focusing lens was being too loud, too close to the mic, so I took off auto focus and used the shirt hanger on my cheek as a way to gauge distance to the lens. Ah the technical part is never as sexy is it?


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