Lastest Closet Singer

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Video published on 7 May 2014 –

On May 7th I turned on the radio while I was driving… As of late I’ve been driving mostly in silence, using the time to either catch up on phone calls, or brain storm through scripts I’m working on…

I spun the electronic wheel of selections, till I landed on a country station… Not that I’m a huge country music fan, but, I was looking for something simpler, more honest…

When the first two songs that came on were AUTO-TUNED… I didn’t bother listening to a 3rd. I’m so over all the FAKED “perfect” bullshit in this world.

Anyway, I had toying with this song for a few weeks, not sure what to do with it… But, when I got back home I wanted to record something simple, something raw, and just tell the story… 

Yeah, I know this video is FAR FROM PERFECT, it’s simple, recorded in one full take, no edits, with facial and vocal blemishes and all… And yes, I debated whether or not I should post it… But I did. Because who knows what tomorrow will bring, if my eyes will open, or who would appreciate it as it is…

If you enjoy it, let me know… And if you know someone else that would appreciate the simplicity of it, pass it on.

– Quiche Out


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