Commercial Appreciation

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.42.47 PMCommercial Appreciation

Thankfully this past year I’ve once again gone back to my booking ways with commercials, and thankfully have had several commercials running…

While it’s a “cool thing,” it’s also how I pay rent, buy food, put gas in my truck, qualify for insurance coverage, build my pension, and have money and time to make videos and write screenplays and novels. And while I really enjoy hearing from people, “I saw your commercial,” I’m going to let you in on a little industry secret that will propel your level of coolness with ALL of your showbiz actor friends.

The other day I got a message from my mother, that one of her friends’ kids, a person I grew up with, saw one of my commercials on TV… Now, again, while that’s nice to hear… A much more valuable, informed, and appreciated message would have included… What commercial, what product, what day, what channel, what they were watching and what time?

You see, because the commercial they said they saw, isn’t supposed to be running anymore, and I’m not getting paid for, as we’ve been off contract since October 2013… However, without any details, my agents, nor my union can do any thing to make sure every thing is above boards.

So, that’s the main reason why the date of the airing is important, because commercial contracts are in 13 week cycles… Every 13 weeks they continue or renew the contract, or drop it…

What channel and what time, is also very important because there are many different ways advertisers pay actors… It’s sort of complicated, as for decades loopholes have been found by very high priced accountants and lawyers… But a commercial airing in the middle of the night on a cable show pays much differently than a commercial playing during daytime programming on ABC, CBS or NBC… Pays differently than a commercial you see on YouTube or online…

So, while all actors love praise, and notes, “Hey I saw you on TV…” The simple information of what time, what network, what date, and what you were watching… May truly help them make sure they’re earning what they’re supposed to be earning…

One time I had a friend tell me he saw a commercial of mine play on the big screen at Fenway Park, that my agents were told wasn’t going to air… And a few commercials I’ve done in the past, aired, well after contracts ended… And when these airings could be proven with some simple details… Payments were made.

And yeah, there should be a better monitoring system in place, but there isn’t… Wanna take a guess why…

Anyway, thanks for the notes, but if you would, add a few details, that your actor friends will completely appreciate…

I’m telling you, you’ll look like a complete educated showbiz insider.


– Quiche Out


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