I Cramped Up Meeting Ron Howard & Rob Reiner

from wikipediaLast night I had a dream, I was sitting in a theater, waiting for a dress rehearsal to start, when… I met the director, sitting one row ahead of me, and three seats to my left… Ron Howard.

He treated me as if we were long time buddies, that he knew my manager, and thanked me for accepting such a small role in such a small show. But before he finished speaking… Rob Reiner sat in my aisle, directly behind him.

As Ron introduced me to Rob, I shook his hand, wanting to tell him how much I’ve enjoyed his work over the years, when… My hand cramped up, balling up like a horse’s hoof, making the moment more than slightly embarrassing. All I could think was, “I have to drink more water.”

Suddenly the seats of the theater were full, and while I was led to believe I was only one of four in the cast, now dozens of people were getting ready to get on stage, all dressed as if they were going to a wedding in the 1970s, in polyester leisure suit and ruffled shirts.

Holy crap — I’m out of my wardrobe — And I’m not even sure what wardrobe I’m supposed to be wearing.

Still in my seat, my eyes tighten, whatever had effected my hand, is now effecting my neck, making even holding my head upright difficult. Embarrassed, in front of all these people I’m meeting and working with for the first time, I joked with a pained-twisted smile, “I really need to drink more water.”

I was becoming more and more prune-like… Eyes closed. Shriveling up in a ball of cramps… When, the most kind, familiar, female voice speaks to me in a whisper.

She touches my shoulder, consoles my nerves, releases the tension in my body, and then kisses me ever so gentle on my forehead. It felt so real, I woke from my dream.

I looked around my bedroom.

… and it was then that I remembered I had a spicy quesadilla the night before, and probably just needed a glass of water.


So, what’s going on?

Besides clearly needing to drink more water.

Well, yesterday, while talking with a friend at the gym (Kelly), I found out that years ago, I had the same manager as Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks.

I always felt I had met her previously, and there was also something familiar with him, but I wasn’t sure why. Apparently, we had all left that particular manager around the same time, before their “Mad Men” success.

PROMO POSTCARD BEN ALEXEarlier in the day, another friend (Tod), who is helping me on on Wednesday, doing harmony for the song I’m singing at a club called Don’t Tell Mama’s… (Details Here), asked if I’d help him out in his show this coming weekend.

I really don’t know anything other than, it’s at the Cavern Club (Details Here),  I’m playing a very small cameo, which comes in at the end of the show, and it was originally supposed to be played by a woman.

And yeah, Tod wears a 1970s type leisure suit (in the show), and his wife (in the show), is really a dude in drag, and there’s four characters.

Lastly, on Sunday, I’m heading up to the University of California, Santa Barbara to speak with a group of young actors… And the last time I did anything like that, was a few years ago, and the “talk” occurred in a large theater.

– Quiche Out

mack and poppy


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