Bloody Moon

INSTAGRAM#2The other day we had a blood moon, and luckily my friend Ida texted me ahead of time…

At 12:00AM I went out into my driveway, with skunks racing past, opossums lurking in the dark, and my neighbor’s flood lights illuminating the concrete, for twenty or so minutes I watched an amazing lunar eclipse, and took some photos with my camera.

That night I posted a few of them on Facebook and Instagram, and received lots of likes, a few shares, and even saw a few people “borrowing” my images without giving any photo credit. That part wasn’t all that cool, but still, I’m flattered that they liked the pictures.

Today I realized some of you might not be on those sites, or may have missed those posts, and I should share the pictures with you here. Initially I thought to take the pictures and video in case I ever wanted to record “Old Devil Moon.”

– Quiche Out

Just as a polite mention, and most people do, if you “borrow” something on-line, it’s always nice to ask, officially link, or give proper credit, especially when that person is going to see you’ve “borrowed” the content.



And a 21 second video:

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