My “Tenacity Story” – The End

Since this particular story started here on this blog , I figure I should also close it out here for those of you that aren’t on other sites…

My “Tenacity Story.”

Over the weekend I posted an image on Instagram… After receiving a package from my parents, and placing the sign on a shelf above my front door… Closing out a tale that started a short time before my birthday back in October…

[“You Want What?” (a birthday gift) October, 2nd 2013 (]

If you’re unfamiliar with this saga… It continued here…

[My Mom & Tenacity (just won’t quit) Feb 10th, 2014 (]

It’s turned out to be a pretty great story, a fond one that I’m sure I’ll tell many times. At least every time someone asks, “Hey, I like that sign, where’d you get it…?”

– Quiche Out

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.16.24 AM


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