Valentine’s Day (Hate it Love it Leave it)

Holidays are just man created dates on a man created calendar, so enjoy today or don’t think about the day, but never let it depress ya. Enjoy with your love ones, friends, or enjoy it just like any other!

Below are a few Closet Singer songs links from the past, to make you smile. Watch ’em, listen to ’em, pass ’em on, or ignore ’em.

Happy today y’all!

– Quiche Out


For those that don’t like Valentine’s Day I offer, from 2010, STUPID CUPID:

For those of you recovering from a broken heart… FEELING GOOD:

For those of you who are hopeful romantics… a MASH UP of two lonely songs recorded with the lovely and talented Marian Tomas Griffin from 2008 (still my mother’s favorite):

For those on the online search for love… BEING ALIVE from 2009:

For those so sick with love they can’t sleep… BEWITCHED (in bed):

For those of you who are pirates in love… One of the most insane Closet Singer MASH UPS:

For those of you who love someone far away… Here’s another MASH UP with literally dozens of beautiful guests helping me out

And, from this year, a few days ago, I offer, DON’T:

– Quiche Out

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