It’s Up… Larry Davis Interview, The

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I’ve been planning on doing some interviews… And I’m happy to say, while this is NOT my first one, this is my first on my own. Recorded yesterday, trans-coded last night… Edited today.

I hope you enjoy getting to know the guy I like to call my “Uncle Larry…” from the cabaret, open mic, circuit here in Los Angeles…

Raised by his hard working mother, and his storytelling half-Cherokee Indian Grandmother, after his father, who worked as a part-time janitor, bass player and tap dancer, died early. Larry’s first dream was to become a dancer, but started singing while serving in the Air Force… However, he didn’t start singing again, or really find his own voice till after retiring from a graphic design job, at the age of 69, when he was called up to the microphone, in a piano bar, on one particularly troublesome night.

Preview Larry’s albums on iTunes:
Or on CD Baby:

Here’s are the Larry Davis Interviews for you to enjoy.

Here is part 1…

Here is part 2…

Here is part 3…

And here is him singing the song, “How About You”

– Quiche Out

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