Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 12.37.15 PM  I took German in both High School and college and thus far have only picked up a couple of dozen Spanish words in my lifetime, but the other day I learned pretty amazing word… “Grandote” (very big, huge)…

[Go ahead have your own internal comments.]

To my delight I was informed that by adding an extra “to” in the middle would not only make the word larger, but also literally mean bigger… The longer the word, the more absurdly gigantically and grandiose the meaning.  No limit to how many you can keep adding in there…

What a fabulous word… A brilliant lesson. You can make whatever as big, as impressive, as flashy, as ginormous as you want…

A life parallel perhaps?

Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 12.48.04 PMI know I wrestle and spin several of the same topics and issues over and over… And I’m well aware of how simplistic this realization is… I’ve lived the majority of my life being “realistic”… And as several very successful people have pointed out to as of late… No greatness has ever come from being realistic. You have to dream. You have to believe. You have to see. If you can’t see… If you can’t believe… If you don’t aim… We all know all of this. We’ve heard it from every little league coach, Cub Scout leader, spiritual guru and motivational speaker we’ve crossed paths with.

So, what’s the deal with all these movie posters lining this post? Well, I’ll tell you… You may have a strong reaction to it and that reaction may not be positive… However… Last night after more than two years, I got permission to post a video… A gift that I was given over two years ago (on a birthday)… For over two years my incredible friend wanted me to keep it to myself… To not show anyone… (Other than a few of the posters from it).

Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 12.41.14 PMI know it’s incredibly personalized to me, and has nothing to do with anyone else… But it makes me beam… Beam bright. Believe. Believe. Believe.  See it. See it. See it. And laugh and smile.

I can no longer be concerned with what others may believe… If others think I’m crazy… Conceited. An unrealistic dreamer. More poetic dreamers, crazy impractical inventors and wildly original artists are remembered past their deaths, than thousands upon thousands of realists that behave and simply toe the line.

Whatever the reason my dear friend has for letting me post this video now, once again I thank her for her truly beautiful, inspiring gift. Perhaps it’s because I’m finally starting to truly understand, and believe what she was talking about…

It’s truly beautiful and a great gift to have people rooting for you! To have people pick you up when you get knocked down. To be childlike again with dreams, hopes, enthusiasm…

Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 12.46.54 PM“Shawshank Redemption” has some of the best movie quotes… And the “get busy living” quote is one of my favorites… But here’s what this posting comes down to…

If you had to chose between a diminuto, minúsculo life or a grandote life which would you chose?

And if you chose to live a big life, how many extra “to”s would you put in there. Two? Four? A dozen?

Heck if I put an extra twenty in there and miss by half, that’s still pretty freaking amazing.


– Quiche Out

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