Last Night – Isabella

Isabella TrioLast night I sang at a benefit for a little girl named Isabella… And my heart was truly touched several times… When she left her seat to go up and join two performers on stage… I just about melted.

There was video recorded from the night, which may surface at some point… But to hear her father talk about the blessings in their life, was yet another moment of…

My little green Grinch-heart kept expanding ready to burst.

Ironic, that for some reason, that night, beneath my shirt, for the first time, I chose to wear a little heart-shaped stone/shell I found on vacation with my family this past August… Something I amateurishly wire-wrapped recently as an attempt at a new non-professional-way-to-be-creative-possible-hobby. (BTW for the record I don’t have a longing to be heart isabellamade fun of for that.)

Anyway, I recorded the song I sang on my iPhone, and this AM I decided to post it on-line… It’s not that the quality or performance is stellar (and you can’t see my nose honking), but perhaps some of you will think to visit the link posted in it and throw a dollar or two to the foundation that helps families like Isabella’s.

Here’s the link to read about Isabella, the donate button will take you to the foundation that helps families like Isabella’s:

“If you wish to donate by check, please make it out to Steven’s Hope For Children and remember to write in the memo portion, THE SONGS FOR ISABELLA FUND. Please send to:  Steven’s Hope For Children 1014 Foothill Blvd. B. Upland, CA 91786”

As far as how the night went… At the bottom of this post is part of a public statement posted by the show’s producer, Clifford Bell, so I’m pretty sure he’d be okay with me posting it here, complete with his “cap addiction.”

– Quiche Out

“”SONGS FOR ISABELLA” was indeed a very rich experience–totally awesomesauce as my new Cabaret Alter Ego, RYAN BLACK, says…we had a very unusual mix of world class singing, deeply inspirational moments, and brand new and decades-long relationships represented….

One of the highlights was when young ISABELLA VAHANIAN went to the stage (by herself) and joined the WYN WILSON and KAREN BENJAMIN duet of “I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU” in progress….

KATE PAZAKIS (an unbelievably great singer) belted notes that haven’t been discovered yet… (in a song associated with Melba Moore, Mr. Mohajer)…RYAN, who always shies away from singing in his own shows was AWESOMESAUCE givin’ us “THUNDERBALL”…SING MORE, RYAN BLACKATTACK BLACK!!!!!

KAREN BENJAMIN tore the roof off with “THEY JUST KEEP MOVING THE LINE”…ERIN DUNCAN( an unexpected gift from Ryan) stopped the show with “LISTEN”…ALEXANDRA THEODORA SPURLOCK had me in tears…..since she turned 16 earlier in the month, and transferred to OCSA – ORANGE COUNTY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS- she has entered into a whole new area of powerhouse performing….jaws literally dropped with her version of “ASTONISHING”….and she was….

KERI KELSEY, The Cabaret Community’s Good Will Ambassador jazzed it up with Al Jarreau’s “MORNIN'” and sang the sequins out of the stratospherically high bridge into the instrumental….

TOM KIESCHE, who I find to be the embodiment of someone pushing the boundaries of his persona, took me by surprise by arriving to the stage obviously moved by some moments with Isabella earlier in the evening and his subsequent performance was informed by that juxtaposition of his big booming legit voice, his quirky masculine playing against type humor, and genuine heart space…

My beloved pal, BEVERLY MICKINS’ (from “PARTY PACK” )took us “DANCIN’ IN THE STREETS” …OLD SCHOOL CHICAGO…and the Uber Hip BETH LAPIDES and MITCH KAPLAN of “UNCABARET” brought the evening home by making the observation that the room was so filled with love and open heartedness that it was “Family Night”….And it was….Mitch, one of my most longterm friends ( three decades and counting) sang his song he wrote for Sam Harris, who used it to wIn “STAR SEARCH” oh, so many years ago….The song, “TAKE ME THROUGH YOUR LIFETIME” is one of my all time favorite songs and it was so meaningful to hear Mitch sing it tonight…He has taken me through his lifetime.

My fellow creator of “SONGS FOR ISABELLA”, the AWESOMESAUCE BELLE ZWERDLING was with us, as well as the whole VAHANIAN FAMILY- GREGORY, WENDY, GABRIELLA, and ISABELLA and GRANDFATHER…and Gregory introduced us to the creator of the new organization “Steven’s Hope’ who is providing a non-profit support to receive donations…inspired by their own powerful journey with their son, Steven.

We initiated three brand new musicians…all incredibly brilliant….BRIAN P. KENNEDY and MICHAEL SOBIE on piano, and ZACH RUDOLPH on bass as well as having the heart beat of the organization TOM BOWE on drums…”

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