Classy Moves – “Breaking Bad”

1010872_10151603088211809_721146189_n 27695_407824851808_2871481_n Yesterday my manager called… Apparently the production of “Breaking Bad” wants to send me something, as a thank you, for choosing to be part of their show. I don’t know if it’s a note, or a small bag of crystal blue meth… And it really doesn’t matter… I so appreciate the thought, and how classy the production and people of the show have been all the way through.

It really doesn’t take much to make people happy in this world, to acknowledge and validate others. I hope I’ve learned from the nicest, most classy ones, and always remember to follow their examples.

Do you have an example you’d like to share in the comment section below? Something I can learn from?

Below are a few examples of classy moves from my past… There is no way I can list all the great people, productions or scenarios throughout the years… Theater, TV, and Film… And it’s not about notes, gifts or swag… A smile, a handshake, a “welcome,” “hello,” “can I show you around,” “I can take that picture for you,” or a “thank you,” goes a long long way.

  • 3rd Rock From The Sun… Jon Lithgow, invited the entire cast to 3rd Rock sketch - smallhis dressing room before the live taping and gave the guest cast a sketch of the episode. The show followed up with thank you & Holiday Card.
  • JJ Abrams, sent a thank you note after I worked on Alias.
  • On the set of The Glades, Ron Underwood, the director, sat with me at lunch, and we chatted undisturbed. The next day I worked, he came up to me and mentioned all the Closet Singer songs he had watched.
  • I worked one-day, with one line on the movie The Animal, with Rob Schneider, and the production sent me a cast jacket…






  1. My career is still burgeoning so I don’t have many examples, but I do remember a play I did. I had a small role in the beginning as a pilot of a play that was hijacked and I prepared for that role as it was going to be my Tony performance. After the show closed one or the cast members gave me a card that said ” your dedication to your work has not gone unnoticed.” That was nice.


  2. I remember working with you on TSA Level Orange and you and Brian being the sweetest people on the face of the entire planet earth. Every time I see either of you land a job I am so happy, because you both deserve it.


  3. Just caught you on the Navy Fed Credit Union commercial. Geez! You need to be the LEAD in the next big romantic comedy! Get your agent to get you out there! HOT! Even my hot husband agrees!


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