Quiet Man At Work…

Courtesy Of Jack Kusler
Courtesy Of Jack Kusler

While there has been a significant boost in “Where’s ‘Quiche'” TV sightings lately, with a few commercials running, and more people watching “Breaking Bad” from the start… It may seem to some, that I haven’t been as creatively productive as I normally am, as there hasn’t been many blogs, songs, or YouTube videos posted recently…

However, I can assure you, I am being as creatively productive as ever, as I’ve been putting most of my time into a larger, more challenging, possibly important, project that has been requiring most of my creative energy… Book Cover 005 thumbnail

(And no, it’s not another book, though I did get two rave reviews about “Sympathy For the Devil,” last week…)

Anyway, within a month my collaborator and I will know more about the future of the project I’m currently investing most of my time with, and if things go well, there may be upcoming details about a public performance of it in 2014.

Geezus, did I just write “2014?”
Crap, the future is here.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your good buddy is hard at work, and hasn’t forgotten about you. As always, thank you for the wishes and support.

– Quiche Out

I’ll post some videos below to keep you entertained while you wait… And remind you of some upcoming appearances…

Interviewed by Stu (1st airing Sept14th 10PM): http://wp.me/p20vxx-VH

LIVE performance (Sept 28th, 8PM): http://wp.me/p20vxx-Vx

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