O.O.T. (Out Of Town) Outer Banks (N.C.)

P1020908-alt-smallI had just landed in Washington D.C. and was literally running to make my connecting flight to Norfolk VA, when I got a message from my commercial agents. The question: Could I come back to Los Angeles for an ADR session, or squeeze it in before I left?

They were super cool with my long-winded answer, which was basically, “no.” I had made a promise to my parents that I would do whatever I could to make it to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They had saved up and rented a super swanky beachfront house, something they had never done before, with beds for all their kids and grandchildren, and scheduled it when the teachers in the family and grandchildren wouldn’t be in school… It was to be a celebration of their lives and their decision 50 years ago.

It was overwhelming on many levels, but it was wonderful to be there when my parents teared up as they renewed their vows and to experience new memories with my siblings and their kids…

Now back in California, I feel like the wind has been pulled and I’ve forgotten what it is I do here. My apartment was as much a stranger as was the thought of what I do for a living… I’m sure it will come back to me tomorrow or the next day, however for a week, I was living it up… Swimming daily in the Atlantic, hot tubing, eating whatever, drinking whatever, and surrounded by family member after family member… Good times.

It was insane, fun, and life filled.

Here are some of the photos of some of the scenery in case you’ve never been or perhaps you want to remember… Since I know I’ll be asked, we stayed in Pine Island, above Duck.

So you know, even though I’ve chosen a semi-public life, most of my family and friends haven’t, so I keep their privacy.

– Quiche Out



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