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Month: July 2013

Undefeated Champ Goes Down – A Cautionary Tale

With this blog I write about anything on my mind… Well this morning it’s last night’s M.M.A. fight where Chris Weidman knocked out former champ Anderson Silva at UFC 162 to become the new middleweight champion. I’m not a fan of taunting & clowning, or trash talk & disrespect, in or out of the ring, in any competitive sport… So, when Weidman caught Silva with a left, all I could thought was, “Good. Serves him right.” It no was no more a “lucky shot” than Silva’s triangle on Chael, or his… Read more Undefeated Champ Goes Down – A Cautionary Tale

July 4th & July 8th

First off, have an awesome holiday and weekend! Have a ton of fun, but don’t blow yourselves up with illegal (or legal) explosives, or even with too much with food and booze. (BTW with the previous sentence I’m now officially on the NSA watch list.) Since it’s likely a crazy busy computer-free weekend for many… I’m giving you a heads up now… The next newsletter is scheduled to be released first thing on Monday the 8th… The very same day, the “The Glades” episode I’m in, is also scheduled. July… Read more July 4th & July 8th