If the truth is supposed to set you free, why the F*** do I feel like vomiting and crying like a baby?

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 8.34.50 AMI want to publicly thank Janet S. Blake, one of the producers of Spark Off Rose™, who is helping me shape a non-fictional story for my first night of storytelling on stage (Details in last newsletter)… Her notes and her persistence for me to challenge myself, dig deeper, avoid tangents, being cleaver, and comic spins, has truly caused me to feel sick to my stomach, and give me the desire to blast Carmina Burna, head back to bed and go fetal this morning.

And the only reason I’m writing this blog, with my guts and fingers trembling, is to try face those feelings, and not succumb to them or ignore them… Or perhaps, a more constructive and noble reason, to inspire you to dig deeper with truth in your work.

I don’t know if the current 1367 words of this story will remain the same, but in rewriting the story (5th time), honestly my least favorite of the four I submitted to her… In stripping away the extraneous, the poetic, the jokes, in making a phone call to my parents to use their recollections of my childhood, in connecting dots that have always been there…

This morning, a realization hit me in the guts like a baseball bat.

I’m not going to tell you what it was at this point, or promise that my story will remain the same, or how this perceived revelation may set me free in the future… I only know that right now, as I breath deeply, avoiding stuffing my face with food…

While thankful artistically, Janet’s relentless challenge of my four previous drafts, just may turn out to be an important step in a happier future.

Thanks again Janet…

Go deeper.

– Quiche Out

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