People Of (in) France… WMD at Cannes ALERT!


I mean… Hey… If you happen to be at Cannes, or have a friend at Cannes… Here’s a chance to be one of the first people in the entire world to see WMD, screened on a… screen.

The WMD production team is over there right now, doing their best to get distributors to come to the screening (info listed in the images below)… But they also know that having a good, friendly, psyched audience is a good thing too.

WARNING… I mean… The small film, WMD, is looking to build some momentum at Cannes, so, feel free to pass on the info… Ask others if they’re planning on going… Go talk to the production team and grab a postcard or picture with them…

WARNING… Yes, warning… I’m one of the leads, and yes, I have a definite interest in the film both being seen and finding distribution… And if YOU and your friends want it to see it in the future, then you do too.

– Quiche Out


WMD-CannesCannes Postcard words

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