“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Escape)”

Frankenstein Peeling faceChallenge accepted. @postaday

The above photo was not taken by me, but by my friend and professional set photographer Michael Moriatis… It had been a long day on set, shooting a music video, in a basement-level haunted house in Pasadena, for a web series I do called Closet Singer...

Escaping from latex on your face, after a long day, now that’s a good, good feeling. That is escaping.

Funny, that last night I saw the new Star Trek with both the director of Monster’s Lament, Ron Roggé, and the composer, Dennis Napolitano… and this morning, I got this photo challenge.

– Quiche Out

If you’re interested in watching the music video… It’s embedded below, and the full cast, crew and make up credit list can be found on the official IMDB page.


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