Runaway Run Away

I don’t know who you voted for in the Los Angeles Mayor race, and I don’t care… As I’m sure you have your own well thought out reasons for voting the way you did. But, yesterday, one of the two remaining candidates, Eric Garcetti and his entourage, were jamming up my local farmers market for a photo op. Actually, I couldn’t figure out why so few parking spaces were available until I saw the local press with their cameras and the candidate’s sign holding way over-dressed supporters. And among his supporters in attendance were apparently three of his former election rivals there in support.

Last TV show I worked on. April 2013

Anyway, I did my best to avoid the whole mess of them, as they would stop for photo ops and clog up the path between farmers tables, forcing anyone that wanted to actually shop, to find other ways to walk, other than the level pavement of the parking lot. Trust me, if the Garcetti wasn’t surrounded by a horde I’d would have loved to given him a little local flavor. I would have loved to have told him how most of my last well paid acting jobs were not only not in Los Angeles, but not even in California… And how it feels like all any one in politics here does is photo ops. For the record, the one time I wrote his office, while he was a councilman for my district, I never got a response from anyone.

After I had my fresh, local broccoli, cabbage, beets and a half-dozen eggs in my bag, I traversed up the dirt hill back to my truck and ran into former mayoral candidate Kevin James (No, not the actor Kevin James). Though honestly I was still slightly annoyed by all the hoopla in the parking lot, and generally more annoyed by my over-taxing, local, ineffectual government in general, I called out…

“I voted for you…”

Which I did. I thought if he did what he said he would do, perhaps things would get better in the city in which I reside…

At studio. Hollywood, Florida April 2013

With a smile he introduced himself, and then I couldn’t help myself… I told him one of my many issues that I agreed with him on… “Runaway production.” I said something about having just come back from Hollywood (Ironically) Florida, shooting a TV show, and that there were four shows shooting there now… And that while I was there I heard that 9 more have signed on to shooting their seasons in Atalanta.

Though his handlers kept his feet moving, our conversation didn’t stop there… “You should see the studios they had there… Five standing sets in the sound stage and they’re not even using half of the space.”

Honestly, his handlers did the right thing, kept him moving… Cause I might have launched into a number of topics that I feel fall upon deaf ears. But I did know candidate James and I shared the same view on this one (as well as the ludicrousness of parking costs & tickets). He talked briefly about the mistakes of former politicians ignoring productions and having their business leave for tax incentives and cheaper pastures. How now film and television infrastructures are built all over the country. Breaking Bad in Albuquerque New Mexico, Lights Out in Jersey City, or The Glades in Florida, were as professional as any television show in LA. Corbin Bernsen and Ron Underwood, the director, who I worked with on The Glades in Florida, were both heading to different cities (not Los Angeles) for their next shoots.

I never know what I’ll be doing in the future as a career, and with so many television shows currently not filming in Los Angeles, if I continue as an actor, I’m not sure what city I’ll be living in… Or if I’ll be a traveling hotel gypsy, but…

I’m not even sure why I’m writing this post today… Probably publicly flushing my frustration… If you live in this town, and you make a living with film and TV (actor, caterer, grip, camera assistant, teamster, designer…) you probably have a lot of frustration as well… And if you own a restaurant, clothing shop, or sell real estate having people and money leave the local economy probably doesn’t make you too happy either.

– Quiche Out

And I suppose if you’re considering moving to Hollywood (California) to start your acting career…

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