The Glades in Hollywood?

I’m back… Back in Los Angeles after spending seven days in Hollywood. Hollywood, Florida that is. Yup, there’s a Hollywood down there too.

Them: “So, what are you doing here in South Florida…”
Me: “Working on a TV show…”
Them: “Reality, huh?”
Me: “Actually, no…”

Isn’t it sad that that was automatically what many people actually said… “Reality TV” (which is often as “real” as fake wrestling) is so much of the programing on TV these days and I have come to believe, that it’s not just “cheap” for producers, but it’s “cheap,” period.  “Cheap” for minds and souls. Like junk or fast food.  Heavy empty calories causing fat headed people starving of proper nutrition. Not that all scripted TV is educational or makes viewers work or think… But somehow, I think the fact that “reality TV” bills itself as “reality,” somehow does do more harm to our society than good.

Enough of that rant…

IMG_3033I just got back from doing an episode of The Glades… Shooting episode #407 “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves.”  (No, I do not know when it will air yet, but if you hear, you let me know. And for those of you that don’t know, The Glades is a scripted detective/crime show on A&E.)

I play/played a character named Dave Hartwell, a retired cop, turned private detective (scam investigator)… You’ll have to watch the episode for any more information than that. And if you’re a fan of the show or any of the cast or guest cast… Just know that the production crew and cast were all really super friendly. Truly. Some of the best on set conversations I’ve had in a long time…

20130407-191124.jpgI worked my first full day and my last full day in Florida, and had four days off in-between… In which I hoofed around town checking out the Everglades, stops along the Inter-coastal Waterway (in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood) via the water taxi, the Boardwalk, downtown Hollywood, checked out the pool, people watched, meet new people, walked the beach, took in some restaurants, sang twice at a local Italian restaurant piano bar… Oh, I did a lot.

IMG_0492Anyway it was a good trip… Great to work. Great to be paid. Great to see another part of the country in detail. Great to make some new connections. Great to have some great conversations… Meet and talk at length with the episode director – Ron Underwood, the series star – Matt Passmore, guest star – Corbin Bernsen, a couple of super friendly “Creationists” from Alabama, many bartenders/waitresses… Lots and lots of people. However, if I’m ever invited back to the show, or do another show in South Florida, next time I’ll rent a car as I think I wore out the sidewalks and did just about everything one could do further than normal people walking distance.

Below are a few of the many posts I made to my twitter or Facebook pages while I was there… If you want to see more, cruise those sites… And I’m not sure if I’ll post more pictures than posted here, but below are a few more.

– Quiche Out

  • Tom Kiesche@TomKiesche 4 Apr
    Italian restaurant piano bar – sang some Sinatra, some Dino, finished with “my way.” All requests. Didn’t want to refuse anyone.”
  • “Closet Singer · On set today, famed director Ron Underwood told me with a big smile that he had watched several closet singer songs this weekend. He complimented me and thought they were very fun and creative.”
  • Tom Kiesche · Q: “What are you doing sitting down here again?” (Corbin seeing me people watching in the lobby). “You must hate your room.” A: “No man, I’m just not normal.”(laugh)”

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