Butt… What Song Is It

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 3.11.16 PMThe song I recorded with Rebekah Lee and Rachel Noelle last Sunday, and then released on Wednesday, as the newest Closet Singer was a big hit back in the 80s, and an iconic song for me… As a matter of fact, the song title itself brings up great memories of cruising in my first cars and partying in college…

Sadly it may have defined several relationships too.

Anyway, it was an odd, creative and artistic choice not to show the actual song title on the video. I personally love that viewers discover which song it is, and song title well after the set up of “where’s your sister?” However, for those who love the song, but that don’t know me, or Rebekah or Rachel, or don’t have any idea of “what” Closet Singer is… They probably would never find it or be able to enjoy our rendition.

“Why are you guys singing in a closet?”

So, after putting the question out there to those who have already watched it. of should we/I title the video or not… Out of 16 people, only 4 said they enjoyed the “ah-ha” moment when the song started playing. While I truly value those four people’s opinions… The masses have spoken.

“Is this one of those Closet Man videos?”

But, since I prefer it with no title up front, I’m making a compromise… I’m waiting a few more hours… Tick tick.

Tonight or tomorrow I’ll put the actual song title for the title of the video… And everyone from then on will know the real song title before they start watching. Is this really no big deal? Yup. But it’s like a  painter slightly changing the color of a tree from one shade of green to another… What am i talking about?

Actually, I feel pretty okay about it, because the song links went out Wednesday in the Big Quiche newsletter, on social media, and this blog, so the people like you who are paying the most attention to what I’m doing in my career have had ample time to see it as I originally painted the tree.

You still have time to watch it as I intended it to be seen… But not too much time. I promise NOT to title it before SUNSET today.

So turn it up, give yourself five minutes of fun, and click… 

– Quiche Out

The song title will go on the Bloops and Oops too, but that doesn’t really mean anything. But here that is.


  1. I was meaning to ask you how you picked the song, or did the song pick you…What was it exactly that drew you to it? How much of your original idea for the video actually end up in the video?


    • Always loved the song… And have wanted to work with the twins for a while now. I wanted a strong concept though. Not just the three of us in the closet. Actually I was really close on just going with another favorite of mine, that didn’t really require twins.

      Then one day it hit me that the two would work with the song together and it could be humorous.

      I pitched it to the girls, and they thought it’d be funny too. It took us a while to get together, as they have busy schedules… But that’s how this came about.

      We ran out of time on the day, as I would have liked the 3rd sister showing up at the door at the end, and yesterday one of the girls suggested that we should have taken a picture with the 3rd sister in the shot… All great ideas, but some times with little time, no money, and knocking through things you miss the smallest of things. I think it works great as is, and it was a blast to work on. I’ve also seen it so many times, even after editing.


  2. It’s a 70’s TUNE! Saw Meatloaf inn ’77 at Monmouth University (was only a college then!) It was my first concert! I graduated HS in ’79- Which is why I know this was not an 80’s tune! You are younger than me so perhaps in the 70’s you were not yet listening! Fun stuff….I liked the way you sang it and the girls are great. 😉


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