Monday Celebrate MLK Day

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 9.03.46 AMSome things are just wrong…

Monday is a national holiday honoring Martin Luther King. And yet I can’t help but think of this particularly wrong segment in episode three of School & Board.

Episode three (embedded below)

To watch the entire 3 episode series go to

The scene a round table, closed board meeting.

Superintendent Rowbinski: “I found that one in six students think that MLK day is a celebration of milk.”

Nelson Tuttleson: “It’s not?”

Cut to Nelson in Superintendent Rowbinski’s office.

Nelson Tuttleson: “It’s important to know that MLK does not stand for Milk Day, it stands for Martin Luther… King.”

CLICK HERE to just watch that exchange at 2:18.

Then at 5:45, the end of the episode…

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 9.14.34 AMNelson Tuttleson: “And you can drink milk on that day, it’s just you should do other things too.”

So, got milk?

Check your expiration dates, and get your fresh cartons today. Tell your friends. Pass it on.

– Quiche Out

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