Remember All That Crap I Wrote About Demo Reels & Clips

So, a few postings ago I wrote about the evolution of the demo reel…  About how my new manager wanted me to break my demo reel up into clips… As he felt that no one is looking at reels any more. Just clips.

Well, my new agent feels differently and he doesn’t always have the time to consider which clip would work for which role, and would rather send a reel. Instead of picking the wrong clip, this way it covers several bases and shows I can act. However, instead of one demo reel, he prefers two… One more for comedy roles. One more for dramatic roles.

So, this past weekend I was editing again… Putting a comedy demo together as well as a drama demo. So far he and my manager have given a thumbs up to the comedy reel, but I’m still waiting to hear on the drama demo, as he experienced some technical difficulties. In my search for ideas of what to put together I stumbled across the Stripper Cop thing I did years back, and uploaded it again to YouTube. You can see that, as well as the two demo reels I cut below… Though the Drama Demo may be changing… But if there’s anything we’ve learned throughout this blog, it’s that change is inevitable.

– Quiche Out

Warning: Stripper Cop and Comedy Demo contain nakedness.

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