A Long Shot (Not In Acting)

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 7.38.30 PM
Video Still Frame – Blake Ward – CEO of AIRTECH

Years ago I actually had a few extra bucks coming in, and at the same time the economy crashed, I “lost” a bunch in the market, and interest being paid in savings accounts were jokes… So, I figured why not take a long shot with some capital, as nothing seemed to be safe. I did some research and chose to become an “angel investor” in a company that I initially learned about thru a friend.

Well, so far the small amount of money that I invested has been nothing but in the air… Kinda like a fart you sort of forget about. Though I do have to say the company has been very communicative with all of the investors since the beginning.

Recently the company has started making products and small public splashes (literally) and once again I’m back to hoping that some day it all pays off for us all.

Here’s the first article printed and the second article about this particular company and how this particular company that I chose to invest in a few years back is working on helping to clean up the environment.

It’s funny, when I invested they were focused on making other products… Personally, I’m just ecstatic they’re finally making stuff! It was also great to get a holiday card from them and to see the dozen or so employees.

I’m not writing this to sell you anything, or try to get you to invest in anything… I just simply feel very positive about something I took a risk doing, that is slowly coming out of the dark, and possibly will help clean up the water of the world a little.

– Quiche Out

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