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Month: November 2012

Can u Ride a Bike w/Square Wheels?

Okay, the below embedded video isn’t mine (nor is the picture on the side there)… And both have probably been online for a long time, but this morning was the first time I saw it (the video). I’m not even sure what led me to it (I think it was on the side bar, while I checking a comment left by someone on one of my vids.) I also don’t really know much about the video, and I don’t know the reasons they set out to do what they did…… Read more Can u Ride a Bike w/Square Wheels?

Weight Of Pot(s)

While I could simply pass this link on via Twitter or Facebook, I’m embedding this video here so that there’s a history of it for myself and that I can be reminded to watch it in the future. Now, before you watch it, know that there are funnier balls to the nuts videos, cute silly animal captures, and more disgusting pimple popping puss filled pandemonium to be found on YouTube… However, it’s wonderful, inspirational gems like this one that make me really grateful for some of the footage that can… Read more Weight Of Pot(s)


Just got a call from one of my agents… I BOOKED a national commercial… Now, while it doesn’t shoot for a few weeks, it’s great to hear I’ve been BOOKED… Especially in a year that overall, paid-work-wise, has been kinda tight. I will post more details after I shoot it… The second best news it that it does not conflict with a singing show I’m scheduled to appear in at the end of November (Wednesday the 28th)… More details to follow (poster art coming), but keep that date open if… Read more BOOKED & STUFF