Twisted Came And Went

Thanks again to all of you that came to Twisted Misters And Sisters either in July or September… I’m already looking forward to the next time I’m on stage with that talented group of performers, a mic in my hand and a band behind me.

Those of you that were at the July show took part in the 9 to 5 sing along, and those that were at the September shows witnessed Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Each night there were other little differences between the shows, with all of the performers, and I personally think some of the songs I did became more nuanced as I did them, and each night I discovered new things with you all.

Hopefully the next time we do a “Twisted” night, or I’m featured or headlining a show, even more people will come out, but I can’t thank YOU enough for coming. It was something special. It really showed me again how magical performing live is. I’m not crazy about rustling an audience, which is one thing I don’t have to worry about when I sing in my closet, but man, how happy you all made me… There is such value in an honest connection between performer and a wonderful audience. Which is all completely apparent in the video where we are all singing 9 to 5.

Crappy video doesn’t compare to the live experience, but here are the two songs I mentioned… I’m posting them together since I know some of you that came missed one or the other.

– Quiche Out

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