Free Postcard Offer (Limited Time/Supplies)

The following offer went out to everyone that has already LIKED the Tom Kiesche page on FACEBOOK… If you “like” the page, or have already “liked” the page, the same offer goes out to you.

It’s only for a limited time only, and only while supplies last.

Do you want a FREE signed POSTCARD sent to you?I have a few GLADIATOR/Warrior Showdown postcards left over, so I’m offering all those that have liked this page a trade.

I’ll send you a postcard, like the one above, via SNAIL MAIL (US only) if you post something on your wall/page for your Facebook friends to see, something like “please Vote right now for my friend Tom Kiesche, to win his 1st fight, as the Gladiator.”

And include just 1 of the links below.

Make sure I see that you put it up, and then PRIVATELY message me your snail mail address. Once again at this time I’m sending only addresses only in the USA.

That’s it… Thanks!!!

And please vote yourself if you haven’t yet so he can win and face his next opponent.
Cause, “you’ll be Glad-he-ate-her.”  (that one was courtesy of my friend Todd Sherry)

Again, include one of the following links with your SHOUT OUT, and then let me know you did it!

Thank you!

-Quiche Out

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