Facebook & Five Bucks (Extortion?)

With Facebook going public, and being on the market, it seems that every day I see how it’s doing with it’s numbers. Billions of dollars. Billions.

The other day I wrote something about this in a post entitled, “Monetization.”

Last night a collaborative partner forwarded me someone else’s blog called,“Facebook is People!: Why I Quit Mark Zuckerberg’s Online Collective Data Farm.”

I’m sure there are thousands of other mentions of Facebook in blogs and articles. But today I discovered something else…

As I went to make a post on one of my “pages,” Facebook generously offered me the option to “promote” my posting…

See full image below.

That’s right, to get word to (600 or 700) of my “fans” or “friends” on their free site, Facebook, who is apparently worth 100 billion dollars off of you and me to begin with, and our content and information, now is allowing me to send them 5 or 10 bucks per posting to get word out to the people that “liked” my page, to be kept up on updates.

Again, again, again, I have no problem with people or corporations making money… But this just seems wrong, overly greedy, and corrupt to me.

I had been wondering why my view counts and feedback number had been dropping lately. Wondering if it was something I was doing. If people were tiring of me and my postings or videos… But now, I’m not so sure it’s not because Facebook is choking out my feeds, or holding back my shout outs, in order to extort five dollar bills from me.

Or is “extort” too harsh a word?

What are your thoughts on this?

– Quiche Out

And yes, I know I apparently have a message to read… That just came in.


  1. yes ridiculous. but actually i saw something like that coming , the moment i read on someones page there is a program for people to get paid for their” likes. ” or sharing links on their pages.
    its just business.


      • i know you know … 😉 i read it a couple of weeks ago already… dont know if i still could find it . i was quite upset about that one. and the argumentation of the person posting it why its something good.
        i really hope we come back to times where “likes” “followers” “friends” “fans” are not an indicator anymore to get work , to get paid for your work… maybe we should go back to write real letters. and look forward to get out of the house and open the mailbox at the end of our driveway to find something real nice from a friend, relative or loved one handwritten instead of ad papers or just bills to pay.

        ummm and i admit , well.. this statistic function here can be very frustrating some days. 😉


  2. I can tell you i’ll be reconsidering my Facebook ads. I won’t make a blanket statement that i’m done with it- but I will reconsider after all the shady dealing they’ve been caught doing lately.


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