Gladiator “SAND” (repost with new catch frame)

Well, in a shallow, painfully superficial attempt to gain more eyeball traffic to my most recent 55 second video… I’m changing the “catch frame” of the video here, because YouTube is extremely limited and their options give away the “joke.”

So, click any of the pictures in this post to see the newest promo video cut for the Gladiator… for his upcoming fight against the Geisha Assassin in Warrior Showdown 2.

It’s only 55 seconds long and yet another chance to laugh at me…
If you still haven’t voted yet, please do…

  • A win may allow me several more weeks of FREE fight training.
  • A win may give me GREAT new demo reel fight footage to secure bigger paid work.
  • A win could maybe lead to another 100 bucks for a future shoot day.
  • And the best reason of all, a Gladiator win gives YOU the possibility of more entertainment… both with the “fights” and with any bonus stuff I whip up.

Gladiator needs your help.
Look at the pictures.
Click any of them to watch the video… Gladiator “SAND”
Then Vote!

– Quiche Out


    • There aren’t too many pictures with those showing, so, I took advantage of it. Please consider spreading the word to vote for the Gladiator, apparently the vote is too close to call at this point. And the ending with him winning is much more dynamic and dramatic… THANK YOU!


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