Head Found In Griffith Park is NOT a Publicity stunt!

It’s been all over the news… A head was found by a bunch of dogs, during a hike in Griffith Park the other day. Today they found feet and hands… Well, a few people have written me and said the whole tragic thing reminded them of the 1st scene after the opening credits, in an incredibly low budget movie some friends and I put together 10 years ago… “Murderous Camouflage.” Wow, has it been 10 years? Where does the time go? Man, I looked so much younger.

The video is embedded below, and the scene people say reminds them of the found head, fingers and feet starts at 3:49, but feel free to watch whatever. And feel free to pass on.

So, no, the head, hands and feet found by police in Griffith Park isn’t and wasn’t a 10-year anniversary publicly stunt for the movie “Murderous Camouflage.” Although thinking the LAPD acted acted anything like we do in the movie, kinda brings a smile to my face despite the tragic horrific gruesome situation. I mean I’ll do a lot of things for publicity, but not murder, well, not yet, and I just wanted to make that perfectly clear.

BTW the movie is best watched late at night, with a group, and under the influence.

And a little trivia; There’s lots of great funny actors in the movie, but the actresses that played the super hot Johnson Twins landed the Coor’s Light “And Twins” campaign just after we finished editing.

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  1. maybe though ! a publicity stunt.
    As Life is mimicking Art and Art mimicking Life , story might have been like this

    There was this guy , who always enjoyed scarving elephants out of fruits, would have loved to make a living from it and get famous. But instead of scarving he was starving and finally died of a broken heart. Since he figured after his death and being in everyones mind he migt get famous he asked a good friend to chainsaw his body in little pieces and splatter them everywhere. But what they forgot was to put a little hint somewhere who that body part owners poor soul is . So poeple started to play along the story like in one of the movies where they drag a body around like in “weekend at bernies” or some not so known “murderous camouflage” … making the death of the artist a little lighter and finally finally he got famous . Just nobody knows his name.

    and to tell the truth , if i ever have to leave here , i d rather do in in a weird spectacular way and laugh my butt off in that other dimension about its absurdity. I guess thats why so many of us loved the opening scenes of “Six Feet Under” .


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